(what I wish my desk looked like)

(what I wish my desk looked like)

Let me make a bet with you…

You went into business to serve your customers, to spend each day in your zone of genius, to do what you love.

Not to fricking work out Facebook Ads manager.


That’s where I come in.

I’m a Facebook Ads Strategist who only works with online coaches, freeing them from the stress and time it takes to understand, test, tweak, write and build a Facebook Ad strategy that gets results.

I help coaches like you,

  • Grow their email lists with BUYERS not tire kickers

  • Push out their best content to new people who will fall in love with you (with a strategy, not just a random boosts for engagement)

  • Prime their audience ready for a sale or launch so they are chomping at the bit to BUY

  • Build your Facebook Group with qualified members who will engage and refer you

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY I will show you how FB Ads can build your authority in a crowded online space with integrity, authenticity and to your budget!

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About me

About Jackie Muscat

Hey there!

I’m Jackie Muscat.

A UK based Facebook Ads manager, mother to one, wife to one and owner of a ridiculously small dog.

Whilst I don’t take myself too seriously (image case in point) I do take my client’s businesses seriously, and if you’re looking for a partner in all this confusing online landscape, I’m your gal. Thanks for stopping by!


“I had managed to build success in my business on referrals previously, but found myself at the tipping point where I knew I needed to push myself and connect with a wider community through strategic marketing.

I signed up with Jackie because I enjoyed her personal approach, I felt she understood my business values and message and she is known as an expert in her field.

While I am all for getting into the trenches of your own business, hustling and learning through challenges, I knew that Facebook is a minefield that is best delegated to a committed expert who could also guide me through the process patiently and attentively.

I was ready to outsource ads because I wanted to serve a bigger audience and I know that investing in online marketing is crucial for any coaching business.

Jackie helped me to built my list by 1600 names, all of whom are highly engaged customers I am now selling my programs and content to.

What I also enjoyed was her hands-on approach with me, giving me regular feedback and insights into how the content was performing, 1-2-1 calls on how to modify the content to leverage the engagement we were having from the ads and daily email communication to keep me in the loop.

I also launched my signature online program during our time together and I’m now ready to relaunch it to the 1600 new members on my email list.

What set Jackie apart was her willingness to mentor me, break the Facebook jargon down into easy-to-understand terms and her commitment to seeing me succeed. Jackie is on the ball and very results-focused, but also compassionate and patient - a unique and stand out mix of qualities that I really appreciate in the people I collaborate with.”

Amy, Wellness & Confidence coach, www.wellnesswithamy.com