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Jackie Muscat

Helping online coaches get seen, get fans and get sales with Facebook Ads


Struggling to get seen on social media? 

  • Finding acquiring new 121 clients as hard to come by as rocking horse sh…?

  • Dream of growing a loyal tribe of the right people on Facebook so they engage?

  • Wish you didn’t have to promote so heavily and the leads effortlessly landed in your DMs and inbox?

  • Sick of all the heavily inauthentic salesy ways online coaches are promoting themselves these days?

  • Does online marketing just bore you to tears?

  • Wish you just had a method for building your trust and awareness in the background so you can focus on your zone of genius without dropping the marketing ball?

Jackie Muscat FB Ads Manager

Hey there, I’m Jackie

I save online coaches from tumbleweed riddled Facebook pages, launches and purses!

Let’s talk “Authentic launching”

Here is where I believe most online coaches go wrong…yes even sometimes the established ones.

They underestimate the power of having TWO strategies running alongside each other.

First, a flywheel which never stops moving and building its own momentum and speed organically, which builds your “know, like and trust” with new audiences.

And then traditional Sales Funnel.

Because here’s the thing…

No one comes on Facebook or Instagram to be sold to.

Social Media is a place to build your brand, to showcase your best content, to reel people in like a magnet to your amazingness…and then once they’re in…..THEN, and only then you convert them to sales (and by that point, they really don’t mind either and it’s cheaper for you!)


“Since working with Jackie life is so much easier.

I get a weekly update, my profile has risen hugely and my list and group is growing bigger every week.

We did a £58k launch together within 2 months of working together too.

What makes Jackie different is how bespoke she is. She takes the time to get to know your goals, what you want to achieve and them helps with the funnel strategy to get there. I also get weekly updates via video showing me why she’s doing what she’s doing which puts my mind at rest.

I’d recommend her to any online service based business that needs immediate growth (and I do actually recommend her to everyone!)”

-Lisa, Business Coach, www.lisajohnsoncoaching.co.uk